advanced ENT and surgical care...
when and where you need it.

Special care for your child's needs:

Children are especially prone to ear, nose and throat problems. If left untreated, recurrent ear infections can lead to hearing loss, ear drum perforation and delay in the development of speech and language.

Dr. Cleland-Zamudio has small children of her own and is sensitive to the needs of children and the concerns of parents. She is highly trained in pediatric ear, nose and throat surgery and offers gentle, conservative and effective approach to problems of the head and neck that affect children.

Snoring solutions help everyone get a good night sleep:

Snoring is a problem that affects millions of Americans (and their spouses!). It is caused by areas of blockage or narrowing in the nose, mouth and throat where there is excessive tissue. Dr. Cleland-Zamudio studied during her training to achieve a master's degree in disordered breathing during sleep.

She carefully evaluates each patient to see what anatomic areas are causing a problem and then develops a plan for correcting the problem. She is trained in all of the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques and uses the laser for many of these procedures, if desired.

State-of-the-art management of nasal and sinus discomfort:

In the past, problems of the nose and sinus were treated more aggressively, causing bleeding, prolonged recovery and pain with the removal of packing. Now, with the development of minimally invasive sinus surgery techniques, patients can enjoy improvement in sinus problems, relief from nosebleeds and improved nasal breathing.

These advanced techniques allow for reduced pain and a faster recovery. For patients who suffer from nasal obstruction after a nasal fracture, surgical correction will dramatically improve their breathing and straighten the nose, as well.

Head and neck surgery trusted by doctors:

As an ENT specialist, Dr. Cleland-Zamudio receives referrals from other doctors who respect her knowledge and expertise. She trained at the University of Minnesota, one of the leading head and neck surgery programs in the country. She is skilled in the removal of tumors of the head and neck, including nodules of the thyroid gland. Dr. Cleland-Zamudio also performs reconstructive procedures to correct defects caused by tumors, including skin cancers.

She spends a great deal of time with patients to make sure they understand their condition and their options, and as a team, she and the patient form and implement their treatment plan. Dr. Cleland-Zamudio works closely with patients to help them through the emotional, as well as the physical problems they face in dealing with cancer.

Protect your family's hearing:

Because the health of your ears plays a vital role in how you experience the world, you need a specialist who can properly identify your hearing problem and provide sound solutions. Dr. Cleland-Zamudio completed advanced training in the treatment of ear infections, ear diseases and ear surgery, including the surgical correction of certain types of hearing loss.

We offer complete hearing care services by a licensed audiologist. We provide clinical evaluation of infants, children and adults using the latest equipment, and we offer a full range of state-of-the-art hearing aids, including the revolutionary digital models. All products and services are backed by a 30-day-money-back guarantee. In addition, we have one of the few audiologists' in the area providing evaluation of central auditory processing disorders in children.